| 26 September 2022, Monday |

Introduction to SBI news bulletin

Are we in a republic or in a mental hospital? Are the Lebanese under the rule of the judiciary or under the rule of fate and destiny? These two questions are strongly raised after what happened yesterday at the level of the judiciary. The government commissioner at the military court, Fadi Akiki, woke up suddenly, remembering the Battle of Ain al-Rummaneh. how? And why? No one knows…or perhaps in response to the complaint filed by the Lebanese forces’ lawyers against him, asking for his permanentl withdraw from the file. What is strange, is that since Judge Akiki, became aware of the Forces’ complaint, stopped going to his office, so as not to be inform of the case. So, is Akiki really a judge? And if so, how can he evade a case or complaint against him? Is it permissible for the guardian of the law to turn into a fugitive and evade the rule of law? A second thing happened yesterday,  Ghada Aoun continued pressure on six banks. She imposed restrictions on them, preventing them from making any transfer abroad. Does Aoun realize the danger of what she did, not only to these banks, but to the banking sector as a whole? Will she bear the repercussions and the devastating consequences of her decision on the Lebanese economy? If she knew, that would be a disaster. If she does not know, the calamity is greater. What is certain, is that Lebanon’s reputation, financially and judicially, is below zero, and the situation is worsening on daily basis. This is what the Covenant apparently wanted. The important thing for it, is for Lebanon to collapse completely, so that neither parliamentary elections nor presidential elections will take place, and thus, President Aoun will remain in Baabda Palace. But in the event of a complete and comprehensive collapse, who will the president preside?

  • Sawt Beirut International