| 23 February 2024, Friday |

“Iran and its terrorist ally, Hezbollah, are Lebanon’s most prevalent fears,” says Bahaa Hariri

Businessman Bahaa Al-Hariri posted an article titled “The US must come to Lebanon’s aid” for the website “Arabian Gulf Business Insight,” in which he stated:

There are people in Lebanon who want to see true and enduring change, and they think that it will begin with the May 15 parliamentary elections. Many people from opposition parties are running for office, and those who want to establish a better Lebanon are full of enthusiasm and resolve.

Hariri went on to say that while Lebanon’s sectarian structure is concerning, the most prevalent and overwhelming fear in Lebanon is Iran and its terrorist ally, Hezbollah.

“It may end up with Hezbollah, and therefore Iran, not just as a force with veto power in the government, as it is today, but it may lead to their leadership of the government,” he said. The fact is that without foreign assistance, Lebanon would be unable to achieve the required adjustments.

  • Sawt Beirut International