| 23 October 2021, Saturday |

Iranian ploy to confiscate golf club, turn it into power plant

That’s how the story of the golf club, which put Lebanon’s civilization and culture on the world golf map, started.

The land which spans over an area of 410,000 square meters amidst the cement walls, has been since its inception a sigh of relief  for Beirut residents, and it was one of the of the country’s elegant landmarks. During the war, it turned into a target for Israeli bombing, which destroyed the club’s facilities. But the will of the Lebanese was stronger, mainly president Martyr Rafik Hariri, as it reopened its doors to the Arab and international championships.

This green space, which can be monitored from planes heading to Beirut, faces today the danger of expansion of another kind: it is the danger of the Iranian power plant, which the Iranian Foreign Minister announced that Tehran is ready to establish.

As soon as the Foreign Minister left Beirut, Ghobeiry Mayor Maan Khalil welcomed what he called the Iranian gift, and put the golf club’s property at Iran’s service to build the power plant to light the suburbs, Mount Lebanon and Beirut, as he said. The argument is that the club rents the property from the Lebanese state for 75 million LBP annually.

Thus, Maan Khalil forgot the ‘Mshaa’at’ belonging to the endowments, specifically the Maronite Patriarchate, which had been confiscated in the region, in addition to the occupied public lands belonging to the state, which were seized by the de facto forces in Ouzai and Beirut suburb.

The mayor is carrying the banner of Iran, promoting a new invasion of Beirut through establishing a power plant in the golf club. This is in addition to the fact that the club is located 700 meters from runway No. 17 at the airport, which poses a direct threat to navigation. Runway No. 16 is also 900 meters away, and the two runways are the most used, which will lead to the closure of the airport, as revealed by navigational sources to Sawt Beirut International.

Shall we besiege the people of Beirut and destroy the lungs of the southern suburbs and the last green spaces of the capital, for the sake of Iran, so we turn it into a forest of cement and waste oils?

In sum, Hezbollah’s eye is on the golf club because of its proximity to the Iranian embassy, ​​whose wall became directly on the club’s property, as these shots show, so will the party be able to impose the project.