| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Is Judge Bitar purposefully reducing his mobility?

Tarek Bitar, the most human of them all. This is what he was known for after handling the Beirut Port blast case and he was raised in a vulnerable household under the slogan: The force of law must surpass the law of force.

Hezbollah’s threat to Bitar through the Liaison and Coordination Unit official, Wafiq Safa, is only a first message that will develop into actions. The information confirms that the preparations are over to overthrow him by legal means, and if it does not succeed, then the process of implementing the illegal frameworks begins.

By law, the defendants Ali Hassan Khalil, Ghazi Zeaiter, and Nouhad Al-Machnouk will fire the final shot at the judicial investigator in order to avoid justice by filing a lawsuit against Bitar in the Criminal Court of Cassation, requesting his disqualification or the return of the file and transfer of it from his custody, and thus they will be able to halt the investigation until their immunity is restored. On October 19, the House of Representatives will convene for its regular session.

The information indicates that Khalil, Zeaiter and Machnouk will not attend the hearing that the judicial investigator set for them on the 30th of this month and the first of October.

Judge Bitar’s life is in jeopardy since he is the only one who knows what happened in the port and who owns the ammonium nitrate.

According to judicial sources, Bitar chose to limit his movements because the route between his house and office in the Palace of Justice became dangerous, and he did not appear at the Palace of Justice on Tuesday and went unnoticed.

Certainly, disclosing Hezbollah’s threat to it is only for the purpose of avoiding retaliation and securing a media and public cover that compensates for the security peril it faces.

Neither confirmation nor denial of Hezbollah’s threat against Bitar is useful at this point of the port’s investigations. The procedures and preparations were confirmed ahead of time, and they began with Hassan Nasrallah, the party’s Secretary-General, who ordered to begin implementing Plan B.

The question is: Will Bitar soften and retreat, or will he continue in the minefield, like those who preceded him in Italy, most notably Judge Antonio Di Pietro, who managed to cut off the head of the Italian mafia?

  • Sawt Beirut International