| 20 June 2024, Thursday |

Is Lebanese salary sufficient all month?

It is a simple equation, imposed by the Lebanese reality and the continuous collapse of the Lebanese pound against the green currency… to add to it the neglect of the ruling class and the accompanying exorbitant cost of basic and daily materials from the citizen’s life, including fuel, food and others… to ask one question: “Is your salary enough for the end of the month?” Or rather, your salary is sufficient for how many days ?

Today, with the talk about raising the customs dollar and calculating it on a dollar of 20 thousand, the question remains about the purchasing power of the citizen, whether he works in the public or private sector, or even as a depositor whose money is seized in banks? Is it possible to move the country with taxes that can be paid only by about 5 to 10 percent of the citizens, because they are paid in dollars or live by the money of expatriates?

So will this tax revive the economy? Or will it exhaust it, limit its growth, and lower the standard of living of the Lebanese?
Everything has become expensive these days, food, drink, transportation and communications, the bill is high… everything is of high price in this country, except its people