| 26 May 2022, Thursday |

Is Saudi-French Fund Lebanon’s only salvation?

The Saudi ambassadors, Walid Al-Bukhari and the Kuwaiti, Abdel-Al Al-Qena’i’s return to Beirut, has warmed up the Lebanese-Arab relations, specifically the Gulf, and opened the door to activating them at all levels.
In this context, diplomatic sources expected that the pace of moves would accelerate, to establish the French-Saudi Support Fund for Humanitarian Affairs, as well as to bring it into effect shortly after the French presidential elections e
Information stated that the logistical preparations for the launch of the fund have already begun and gone a long way, while some of the required arrangements are still pending to start implementation, most prominent of which is the appointment of a responsible Saudi-French committee, which will supervise the implementation and distribution of aid directly to the concerned authorities.
This aid covers: the health sector, including hospitals, health centers, medicines and medical supplies, the educational sector, schools and universities, charitable and humanitarian organizations, and the provision of fuel as well.
The sources indicated that other countries may join the fund, such as the United Arab Emirates. The Lebanese officials were briefed on the details of the fund and its objectives, through the visits of the Saudi ambassadors, Walid Al-Bukhari and the French, Anne Grillo.

The sources revealed that Saudi Arabia and France deposited 72 million euros in the joint fund and expected the amount to rise to 100 million, and that the door will remain open to securing greater support for the sectors covered by humanitarian aid, provided that the Lebanese government adheres to what it pledged regarding its positive response to the Arab, Gulf and international paper that The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister, Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah, carried during his visit to Beirut, aiming at healing the Lebanese-Gulf relations.