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Is the dismissal of Minister George Kordahi contained in the law?

The minister is allowed to resign whenever he wants, but his dismissal has its conditions…

After the diplomatic row between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, following the statements of Information Minister George Kordahi, several voices called for his resignation and others for his dismissal. But Minister Kordahi refused to resign, and his decision was supported by the head of the ‘Marada Movement’ Sleiman Franjieh.

After his visit to Bkerke and to the President of the Republic, he said that he would not resign unless his resignation would guarantee positive Saudi treatment towards Lebanon.

Kordahi’s dismissal has recalled the dismissal of the former Minister of Energy George Frem, which took place during the reign of President Elias Hraoui in 1993.

According to the International Information:

  • In 1993, a dispute arose between Energy Minister George Frem and Presidents Elias Hraoui and Rafic Hariri over electricity.
  • George Frem was appointed at that time Minister of State, and replaced by Minister Elie Hobeika.
  • But this decision did not solve the problem, but rather exacerbated it, so another decision was taken to dismiss Minister Frem and to appoint Jean Obeid as Minister of State in his place.

So, in Lebanon’s political history, dismissal of ministers is almost impossible, but the constitution has designed legal articles to it

There are three legal ways to dismiss a minister in the government:

  • A deputy or more propose confidence in the minister in accordance with the text of Article 37 of the Constitution
  • The minister’s dismissal shall be by decree signed by the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister, after the approval of two-thirds of the members of the government
  • In the event of high treason or breach of duties, the indictment decision shall be issued by a two-thirds majority of the total members of the Parliament.

Minister Kordahi’s resignation is in up to him, but his dismissal is dependent on a political decision and an agreement between the parties in power. And because Lebanon is a country of settlements and the implementation of laws that take place by mutual consent, it is difficult to dismiss him by the parliament or the government, as stipulated by the constitution, but there are sources that indicate to Sawt Beirut International that the dismissal will take place, but as usual, in a diplomatic manner.

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