| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Is the gasoline crisis staying for too long?

How are you?

How’s everything?

Do you have gasoline?

A daily Lebanese question, the crisis of queues in front of the gas stations has become a normal scene, but for how long?

Is the option to subsidize the gas canister on the basis of 3900 Liras to the dollar soon?

The representative of fuel distributors, Fadi Abu Chakra, told Sawt Beirut International reporter Ghida Jbeili, “The central bank of Lebanon must reopen the credits, and for the market to get better, it must be 85 to 90 percent on the exchange rate of the dollar 3900, or the Lebanon bank is no longer able to open credits for ships, as it is transferred to importing countries in dollars.

Abu Shakra assure that “the situation is very difficult, and if a government is not formed and starts developing an economic plan to save the economic situation, it means that we are going to the unknown.”

Until now, there has been no lifting of fuel subsidies before the start of the implementation of the financing card, and the crisis applies to owners of private generators who demand the Ministry of Energy to provide them with diesel so that they do not have to turn off their generators. Abu Shakra said, “With regard to the issue of ships Last week, the governor of the Lebanese central bank resolved the issue, and five ships entered the Lebanese shores and unloaded their cargo. There is fuel for the importing companies, but the problem is the large demand from the market, which we have not seen in history.

Until the government break the wall of the fuel crisis, which threatens the entire economy and the citizens on a daily basis.

The crisis is staying and the humiliation continues!

  • Sawt Beirut International