| 24 July 2024, Wednesday |

Jordanian painter dazzles the world

In light of the blackness of the picture in our Arab region, we must direct the compass towards the colors of hope, hoping that these colors create in our imagination a life waiting on the threshold of reality, so that our diaries become painted with the brush of creativity and colored with the most beautiful things in this world. The compass brought us to Jordan, with an artist who succeeded in creating from his paintings stories of splendor of imagination. As soon as his paintings are hung on a wall, they make him a sanctuary that treats the pain of the soul. Muhannad Al-Ratrout, an innovator from the Hashemite land

For anyone to give a little creativity is normal. As for giving this creativity under difficult circumstances, then he deserves the title of artist with well-deserved suffering.

Muhannad deliberately does not reproduce one painting after another, as each one is unique and rare, like the rarity of creativity these days.

From Jordan, Muhannad paints paintings with the seven colors of the world!

  • Sawt Beirut International