| 18 October 2021, Monday |

Judicial appointments marred by quotas and the biggest part goes for Basil

The words of Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah affected the cabinet session, which witnessed for the first time since its formation a sharp debate against the backdrop of the Shiite ministers’ demand, along with the two ministers of the Marada Movement, to change the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, and their adoption of Nasrallah’s accusations against Bitar about the politicization of the file and the admissibility of his allegations.

The debate was sharp, according to the information, and the issue of replacing Judge Bitar was postponed until tomorrow. It can be said that the government today fell into its first serious test, and the debate over Judge Bitar dropped the status of independent ministers, after some of them had lost the status of “specialists”.

In any case, the usual scenarios are back on set. Today, the Council of Ministers issued a series of appointments and reviewed those related to the Supreme Judicial Council, which the Judges Club criticized and considered them to be quotas.

The four judges proposed by the Minister of Justice are Danny Chebli, Elias Richa, Mireille Haddad and Habib Mezher. The quota that the Judges Club talked about relates to the fact that the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, had the lion’s share of judges, how not when the Minister of Justice himself is affiliated with the movement. There was also criticism that the Minister of Justice visited Ain al-Tineh and discussed with Speaker Nabih Berri about the name of the proposed Shiite judge. It was learned that Habib Mezher, who was proposed by the Minister of Justice, was not close to Berri, but the latter did not object to his name.