| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Juice’s carts in Sidon… a Ramadani livelihood for the unemployed.

Coinciding with the blessed month of Ramadan, carts and stalls are spreading, offering all kinds of juices such as julep, orange  and tamarind, in addition to carrot juice and lemonade.

One of the juice sellers told “Voice of Beirut International” correspondent Sarah Shehadeh, “No words cannot describe the city of Sidon. We have lived in it and we will remain in this city and will not migrate.”

In Sidon, this seasonal Ramadan profession is gaining the attention of a large segment of unemployed youth. The stalls invade the neighborhoods to form a source of livelihood for many who find in it a season that helps them provide their daily livelihood. The seller said, “Every day, we go the wholesale market to buy the goods we need like carrots and citrus, we prepare juices at home. And in the afternoon we sell it so that we can live in this country. ”And he added,“ This year the prices are different from previous years, in the past the price of a bottle of carrots was 6,000 pounds, now 12,000 pounds, lemonade was for 4,000 pounds ,now, 15,000 pounds, may God help the poor, there are those who can’t afford to buy juice ”

Youssef is busy arranging his stall on the corner of the street, where he stays throughout the holy month to sell juices, and  it is stationed in a strategic corner to bring in customers,  he said, “I am a student of commerce and accounting. I am waiting for my diploma to emigrate. There is no future in this country, all the representatives are thieves.”

Some chose to offer healthy drinks instead of soft drinks, which prices has doubled dramatically. “The idea was that my friend and I have to do something in Ramadan, and we chose to sell natural juice, as we got customers compliments,” one of the sellers said.

The owners of the stands find that Ramadan is the month of mercy and livelihood, especially in light of the high prices that hang over Lebanon and with many of them losing their jobs in light of the restrictions imposed to confront the spread of the Corona epidemic.