| 7 December 2022, Wednesday |

Justice is abolished in Parliament… Will Representatives of Change achieve it?

Forty papers, which were canceled, included in their content slogans and phrases rejecting the return of President Nabih Berri for a seventh term to the presidency of the Parliament.. The writers of these phrases are independent and changeable MPs who emerged from the womb of the October 17 revolution and made their way to the parliament after the people elected them in the hope of achieving change towards a better Lebanon.. so what is the real message that the deputies wanted to convey?!

Although these statements did not constitute an obstacle to achieving quotas between the traditional parties of power, especially those loyal to the Amal-Hezbollah duo, which secured victory for Nabih Berri and his deputy, Elias Abu Saab, the most prominent question remains today about the real intention of these representatives to change and achieve real justice within the Council !

So after the expressions of justice for Lebanon, which has suffered enough, justice for the victims of the port bombing, justice for Luqman Selim, justice for the depositors, justice for the victims of the Parliament’s police, justice for those who lost their eyes with the bullets of the parliament, justice for the martyrs of the death boats, justice for raped women… Will the Lebanese witness the achievement of justice in these crucial files and issues?!


  • Sawt Beirut International