| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Kana field vs Karish?

Lebanon has resolved its official position on the path of indirect technical negotiations with the Israeli enemy to demarcate its southern maritime borders, but this file has turned into a point of internal tension, as some considered the 23rd line to be imaginary and illegal.

While others stressed the signing of Decree 6433, which defines the Lebanese maritime borders in Line 29, some experts also pointed out that the “Qana” field claimed by the Lebanese side is not yet explored and it is not known if it contains gas, unlike the “Karesh” field.

And between lines 23 and 29, will these contradictory interpretations confuse the Lebanese position and weaken the arguments it presents to guarantee its borders and rights?
And what about Block No. 8, which experts confirm is one of the most important blocks located within Line 23 and constitutes a gas corridor from occupied Palestine to Europe?

And whether the equation of “Qana field versus Karish” is fair to Lebanon, says Abi Haidar, Lebanon opened the door wide to solicit more offers for oil and gas exploration by extending the second round of licenses for the remaining eight concession areas until December 15, according to a statement issued by the Minister of Energy in the caretaker government, Walid Fayyad.

  • Sawt Beirut International