| 29 May 2022, Sunday |

Kissinger: Major changes after the end of the Ukraine war

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said that “we are now living in a completely new era,” noting that the geopolitical situation in the world will witness major transformations after the end of the Ukraine war.

Kissinger said, in an interview with the British newspaper, “Financial Times”, that “it is not normal that China and Russia have the same interests in all future problems… Therefore, after the Ukraine war, Russia will have to reassess at least its relationship with Europe, and its general attitude towards NATO.” “.

“What is Putin’s red line?” Kissinger must say: “I have met Putin many times, and I have concluded that his basic beliefs are based on a kind of mystical belief in Russian history, and that he has been offended, by the huge gap that has appeared between Europe and the East, he is insulted because Russia felt threatened to annex this entire region to NATO… This is not an excuse, and I did not expect an attack on the scale of the seizure of a recognized country.”

He added, “I think that Putin miscalculated the situation he faced internationally, and it is clear that he miscalculated Russia’s capabilities. The question now is how long this escalation will continue and where it might go.”

  • Sawt Beirut International