| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Lara, daughter of glory, mother of poor.

From death the story begins rather than ends. The story of Lara, the daughter who lived the wealth, that brought her closer to the poor. She left the palace and joined the needy’s homes. After the death of her mother, she decided to make her memory a home of life rather than a grave of death. Lara, the daughter of Beirut’s story, begins in Tripoli.
Individual initiative, not only provides food, medicine, school and life supplies, but more importantly, it secures the safety that is lost in this world.
In the past, Lebanon witnessed famine, and there were people who were feeding others. Today there are also people who feed people. No, we will not go hungry, as long as we eat from the same plate. The important thing remains that we do not do frivolous things.