| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Latest Lebanese people novelty… Kid’s “hookah”

As if the social loose derived from the womb of security, political and economic chaos, is not enough, and as if the lung of the homeland, which is full of cancers of corruption, does not manifest a disease, except by accompanying the lung of the Lebanese, which is full of cancers of waste and laboratories with it. So that social and cultural transmission arrives us, transmitting the culture of “laziness” and the customs of poison inlaid with sugar. It transmits them from one generation to the next. It had never occured to the Ottomans who invented this cancer machine, that the descendants of the Mutasarrifat of Mount Lebanon, would develop it into a game, sold on these holidays, that teaches our children how to inhale hookah, and blow with it, all social awareness… What are the roots of that social scandal?

Why is smoking already more common in our societies than in Western societies?

A collapse is not a collapse unless it manifests itself in its social aspect. Our children are in danger… And we are the reason.