| 1 December 2022, Thursday |

Laws’ Kitchen

Enthusiasm and preparations are expected to increase, as we approach the date of electing the heads and members of the parliamentary committees, next Tuesday, as it is the internal kitchen of laws: in it, the directions of all political parties are poured, and from it, come out draft laws ready to be referred to the General Assembly.
As for what is not expected, is that the parliament speaker’s to stop towards leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, and Hezbollah’s cordial influence towards some independents, and it is also not expected that the people of power will stop playing on the lust of those who aspire to the Mikati succession.
Professionals MPs know that reaching an understanding with allies on the distribution of committees is one of the “work tools”, but amateurs and those not experienced in parliamentary work, must understand this, and not consider that the understandings on the committees are quotas, or else their utopia will plunge them into a second loss, after losing the elections for the Speaker, Vice President and members of Parliament body.
This loss, if it happened, would put the illusory majority on the sidelines of the parliamentary game, it makes no difference whether the intentions are pure or the will is good, because the lesson in political action, remains in the results.

  • Sawt Beirut International