| 25 October 2021, Monday |

Lebanese are selling their kidneys to feed their children, thanks to the strong era

“I want to sell my kidney, because we can’t afford buying food anymore, my last concern is to live and what I only care about is my children.”

When the reality reaches this situation, this means with great certainty that we have reached the hell that President Aoun preached to us. Recently, advertisements for buying and selling organs have become popular, from people who lost everything after the “savings” phase ended, and the transition to bartering, so they had no choice but to sell their organs.

Although the Lebanese law strictly forbids and punishes the sale of organs, there are still brazen criminal mafias that take advantage of the financial hardship experienced by the destitute poor in the absence of a protected state, to reap huge profits, while those who sell their organs receive very few amounts of money.

The story of this father is similar to the stories of many Lebanese, who lost hope in a country that neither hears nor sees. In order to secure gasoline, food, diesel, and medicine, which are the minimum requirements for surviving, they had to resort to the last thing they have, which is their organs.