| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Lebanese are unable to stimulate tourism, will expats mess this up?

After the tourism sector became reliant on domestic tourism and Lebanese expatriates for a while, for the sake of consistency, since the ruling authority forced Gulf tourists to abandon Lebanon, the tourist is no longer within the capacity of the Lebanese citizen, whose primary concern has become to secure his livelihood and his medicine.

Is there a tourism season over the forthcoming holidays, and would expats want to visit a country in the grip of a living, economic, and political crisis?

Jean Abboud, the Head of the owners of travel and tourism businesses, joins us by phone to shed light on this matter.

The Public Corporation for Housing decided to close its offices for administrative and financial assessments during December in order to decide on thousands of applications for loan prepayment or other reasons.

It is worth noting that the institution recently received over thirteen thousand requests to decide on their loans, whether to pay them in advance or when they reach the end of the first part of the loan in preparation for transferring to the second phase of the loan.

The Public Home Corporation confirmed that no changes to the value of housing loans are conceivable. It is prohibited to discuss transferring from the Lebanese pound to the US dollar. And the reports about the institution adopting the 3900 LBP rate per dollar instead of 1500 LBP are based on phrases that do not exist in the institution’s language or lending legislation.

  • Sawt Beirut International