| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Lebanese children complain about “Eidiya”

Children have always waited for the holidays to receive money as “Eidia”, but the difficult economic conditions deepened people’s pain and changed all habits.

A girl who was playing in the amusement park told “Sawt Beirut International” reporter Ghida Jbeili, “I’ve collected 100,000 pounds, but it is not enough to buy me anything,” while a citizen said, “We can no longer give an Eidia to our nephews, and since we went to the amusement park, we cannot go to the restaurant for lunch,” adding, “We lost the feeling of Eid and family gatherings due to the economic situation.”

The difficult situation prompted the children to assume a great responsibility, turning them into adults who know the concerns of their families and the conditions of a country that has been lost because of the politicians.

The children talked about the “Eidiya” they got and what they did or will do with the money. A citizen said, “I reduced the Eidia to my two sons, as I gave them 20,000 Syrian pounds each. This is my ability.”

As for the parents, despite all the difficulties, they are trying to make their children happy. Citizen said, “It is not in our ability to give a good amount of money as Eidia. ” The important thing is for them to be happy, hoping that the children’s laughter will ease the harshness of the coming days.


  • Sawt Beirut International