| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Lebanese in France continue raising their voice: We will fight the corrupt system that expelled us from our country

Since the very beginning of the popular movements in Lebanon, the expatriates have not abandoned their role in supporting their families in Lebanon, even at the popular level… Whereas, revolutionary groups were formed in expatriation in support of the demands of the October 17 revolution, and several movements were carried out in various countries, especially France…

These group’s activities were accompanied by the international press, and which raised several basic demands, including:

Freezing the Lebanese assets of those suspected of involvement in corruption files, and their families’, and conduct the necessary investigation.
– Implementing international resolutions such as disarming militias and supporting the army and security forces…
– Calling for an international investigation into the crime of Beirut port bombing.

The revolution continues in the face of the ruling system, so will internal efforts unite with external ones to save Lebanon?