| 19 October 2021, Tuesday |

Lebanese judiciary hands over opposition detainees to the Assad regime

The Lebanese authorities have recently handed over the Syrian opposition detainees to the intelligence of the Assad regime after the completion of their sentences.

It was noted that these measures have been taken following the direct contact by Major General Abbas Ibrahim with the Syrian regime.

The Lebanese Observatory for Prisoners’ Rights issued a statement requesting the Head of Prosecution Department at the Court of Cassation, Judge Ghassan Oueidat, to intervene immediately. He also asked the international and human rights institutions and the media not to disregard the repeated incidents of extradition.

Among the names proposed for deportation is Maysar al-Ghazawi and his brother, as well as another person from the al-Hawash family.

The detainees also mentioned a previous decision issued by Minister Raya Al-Hassan not to extradite any prisoner to his country if this constitutes a threat to his life.

On the other hand, the General Security issued a detailed statement on the matter, including laws and decisions, stressing his respect for humanitarian law, and considering that Al-Ghazawi is accused of “terrorism” and does not qualify as a refugee, and the General Security has the right to deport him.

What is happening with the Syrian refugees and the policy of their return to Syrian territory frightens human rights associations and raises doubts about the investigation process.