| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Lebanese ladies resort to bicycles to tackle gasoline price hike.

It did not come out of random, when we were called the phoenix, but rather it came to describe us with all the determination and resilience, for the love of life, amidst the politicians’ attempts of burning our dreams. And the term suited us more in 20 and 21, after gasoline became a target that only a few of the rich, and many of those in power fools, can reach. Some of the young women in Lebanon decided not to be humiliated by the petrol dollar or the merchants, nor by the disgusting looks of the patriarchal society, so they resorted to bicycles to achieve their daily tasks.

Even if some of the “mustache killers” still view them with masculine supremacy, girls view the future with feminine splendor.

No gasoline?! No problem, it is replaced with solid will, determination, firmness, and freedom… All are words, women adopt to conquer hardship.