| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Lebanese officials smuggled their money to Russia… devoured by Russian bear

Undoubtedly, the Russian invasion of Ukraine reflected negatively on all countries of the world, including Lebanon. As for this invasion, the magic affected the magician.
As for the magician, it is he who emptied his bank account in Lebanon, in front of everyone’s eyes, and transferred his money to hide it under the armpit of the Russian bear in an attempt to smuggle it from Lebanon
As a result of US sanctions on Russia, the latter quickly imposed the Capitol Control Act, and foreign currency deposits were frozen, while the ruble recorded its lowest level against the dollar.

The Russian Central Bank, in turn, announced that it will pay bond interest in rubles, which means that the deposits’ will be ” Rubled”

Here the question arises about the identity of these politicians?
These are from the political line loyal to the Syrian regime and therefore to Russia, that is, belonging to the line of March 8
And thus, Karma has done its work with the politicians who smuggled their money to Russia after the revolution of the seventeenth of October 2019
Hoping that Karma will work on every politician who fled a penny abroad.

  • Sawt Beirut International