| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Lebanese paralyzed promoted to Olympics

We always use the word “snow” to denote the whiteness of the described, whether the heart, the soul, the soul or the days. We take inspiration from its color, the purity of meaning, and paint around it warm paintings of romance and the love of moments.

As for him, he emerged from the snow as gold, from the metal of solidity of body and mind, triumphing over his disappointments, standing like the cedars of the Lord in my life, how not when he is from the land of Qannoubine, the land whose brow was scorched by the sun with the Meron of belonging.

Samer Tawq’s body was broken, but his resolve was not broken, so he got out of the bed of illness to the Olympics platform. Let us be inspired by success in the time of disappointments in which we live.

Samer speaks with apparent joy on his face, and what is drawn on the face is what the conscious and subconscious desire, and the next Olympics tomorrow is close to his eyes.
Samer’s story is the story of every Lebanese citizen. Samer is a champion in skiing despite the paralysis of the body, and every Lebanese is a hero in life despite the paralysis of force majeure.

A positive story in this negative time. Yes, life suits us.


  • Sawt Beirut International