| 27 November 2022, Sunday |

Lebanese perfume replacing of global brands… Save your dollars

Since we breathed in Lebanon the smells of collapse from the elaboration of corruption, and since our “smell” we are addicted to the recovery and the hallucinations of the obsession of global brands, the sixth sense has woke up in us, which is the sense of production, the sense of export and the most important sense of responsibility. Nassif Khoury Ghanem, he is the Lebanese who sprayed the rice perfume on the crisis … Mon Perfum loves the sense of smell and national sense.

Nassif expands his work and moves to a large factory in Zahle … from the parts of Lebanon to the parts of the whole world. Dependence today is based on the Lebanese awareness of replacing his two arrogances with foreign brands with a Lebanese fragrance with a scent similar to the exchange rate.
“Moon Parfan” is a new Lebanese perfume, for the sense of smell and national sense.

  • Sawt Beirut International