| 2 December 2023, Saturday |

Lebanese Prince Bachir Al Shihabi from the castle to a hut!

We are talking about Prince Bashir Al Shihabi, a descendant of Lebanon’s princes, named after the most renowned Lebanese princes, Ibn al-Hasab and lineage, the son of splendor and palaces, the descendent of the dynasty whose name was etched on history books like a cedar. Live the agony of now, the grief of yesterday, and the terror of tomorrow. His castle is a shack, his face is embarrassing, his memories are painful, his royal title is only on his identification, and his overflowing tables on which the state’s dignitaries sat are just at the entrance of his home.

In his highness of conscience, the prince has a heartbreak.

This is where Prince Bashir used to dwell, but now he lives in a shack. Will the ruling authorities assist him, or will the newly-blessed warlords who rule over the old families prevent them?!

  • Sawt Beirut International