| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

Lebanese pupils’ lunch box is not satiating anymore, how parents will afford the cost of feeding their children?

The student’s breakfast was previously filled with mother’s love, along with a variety of foodstuff that meets the student’s taste and aspirations.

The lunchbox used to be stuffed with sandwiches, fruits, sweets and even cooked food. Today, thanks to the officials who are hungry for power and money, our students have become insatiable. This year their lunchboxes will miss any types of meat, especially the processed, cheese, many types of fruits, but rather the bitter taste will prevail amid the absence of chocolate bars.

How much will reach the estimated cost of a daily breakfast to a Lebanese student? Will the school lunch break become as hateful as the classroom?

According to estimated calculations, one student needs at least 60,000 LBP for his breakfast or lunch at school.

The lunchbox of the Lebanese students will not be filled by naming Christian ministers, nor by securing the third veto power. The student’s appetite will not open to “impossible cure” and his future is not secured by what is called “the victory of July.”

Students want food to be satiated, in the hope that our rulers will be satiated with theft and corruption, so our students’ stomachs will be filled again.


  • Sawt Beirut International