| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Lebanese turtle to international fame

In the heart of this sea, great riches do not need demarcation and negotiations, and on this land large hearts do not need to feel a pulse to measure the amount of love that pumps the veins of these lovers. And among the people of this land there is a lot of pride, and no one doubts its splendor, as if we are like a lotus flower, out of the mud we emerge and a response that dazzles the world with our creativity.

Caroline Chabtini, from the happy nights of the north, that snuffed north under the shale of the cedar of God and adorned with the sugar of Tripoli.

After entering the Guinness Book of Christmas trees and other projects from plastic bottles, how creative we are: we protect the environment, we recycle to save money, we design the most amazing designs for the pleasure of the eye, and for today a new project.

Behind this work are unknown soldiers, whom we must know.

From the port of Tripoli to Tyre, the tortoise will make its way overland, crossing the sea there.

It is true that Lebanon is moving slowly, the turtle in its economic wheel, but like the turtle, it has a long life.


  • Sawt Beirut International