| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Lebanon, an isolated island.

No fuel for internet stations, no credits for purchasing equipment, no services as Alfa and Touch employees continue to strike. In short, no Internet and very soon.
With a tariff based on a dollar of 1515 pounds ,and an operating cost based on a black dollar, the case of the sector’s collapse has reached its peak, and loss of connectivity and the Internet, will be similar to the loss of fuel, medicine and food scenarios. Internet service is provided to the Lebanese through 3 means: Ogero, private distribution companies, and two cellular companies.
At the level of cellular and Ogero, the collected amounts are no longer sufficient to purchase diesel fuel for stations and generators.
Informed sources reveal to “Sawt Beirut International” that the allocation of 350 billion pounds to Ogero will not solve the problem, but will postpone the explosion of the situation until after the first half of January, knowing that Ogero costs one billion dollars per day to secure fuel, except for maintenance and international subscriptions, all of which are in fresh dollars.
Also, be orepared to a new tarrif, that ISP companies began studying to implement at the beginning of 2022.
Ninety companies decided to adjust the tariff so as not to close their doors, given that they pay everything in black dollars and are unable, after the end of the year, to cover the deficit.
Hence, its sources say there is no other choice, otherwise the subscribers will facing service stoppage.
Some companies raising their prices by 20% is only a first step, as according to the sources, there will be a new pricing mechanism, part of which will be calculated at 8000 pounds per dollar and the other part at the market price.
If the tariff adjustment becomes inevitable, and Ogero will live on the oxygen of 350 billion liras temporarily, will we reach the sector’s bankruptcy at the beginning of 2022?