| 9 February 2023, Thursday |

Lebanon between pincer’s jaws

Lebanon between pincer’s jaws. The First jaw: The ruling system. Whoever follows the course of the parliamentary sessions aimed at electing the legislative kitchen that drives the House of Representatives will discover that nothing has changed. The dominant forces in Parliament are still the same. Some blocs may have slightly decreased or increased in number, but the performance of parliamentary blocs has not changed. What was happening by consensus between the parliamentary forces, in the previous parliament, regarding the formation of committees, happened by semi-consensus in yesterday’s session, but rather by-under the table – implicit consensus , eventhough it took the form of elections and a democratic character! And all of this happened, because the forces of change in the parliament was not capable of leading the battle for change. It is the second jaw of the pincer. Everyone built high and broad hopes on the possibility of bringing about a change in the performance of the Parliament, through the forces of change, but the hopes hit a dead end. As these forces have not yet improved in capturing the historical moment, or building alliances in Parliament with political forces that are not mired in corruption. Will the forces of change reconsider their performance to become more realistic and therefore more effective? Or will the matter remain as it is, which leads to Lebanon and the Lebanese remaining between the jaws of the pincer, as long as fate wills?

  • Sawt Beirut International