| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Lebanon lost between US’ Hochstein and Gebran’s harshness!

Amos Hochstein is out of sight… Nobody has any idea where he is or what he is doing! The wait is long, but it is unavoidable, and it is not the first time the demarcation file has been delayed. Last February, the American mediator arrived in Lebanon with a presentation on the Lebanese sea’s oil and gas resources.

The administration promised Hochstein a speedy and clear explanation at the time, but it never came. Procrastination cost a lot of money. As Israel began preparing to extract its oil and gas resources along the Lebanese maritime boundaries, the state was obligated to recall Amos and summon him to Beirut as soon as possible.

Thus, the Lebanese side finally accepted to present a comprehensive oral presentation, with a promise that there would be an Israeli response to it within a week at most. Will Hochstein come up next week with the Israeli answer, or will Israel exchange the Lebanese delay for a similar one? And then what can a failed state do?

Pictures of goat herds grazing in the Musailha Dam infiltrate social networking sites on the failure’s biography. These images demonstrate Gebran Bassil’s success at the Ministry of Energy, as well as the Free Patriotic Movement’s numerous accomplishments in this ministry.

It suffices to say that electricity is shut off twenty hours out of every twenty-four, and that most of the dams built during the present cabinet’s and its leader’s tenure are no longer operational, despite the large sums spent for its construction. Nonetheless, the pampered son-in-law is not ashamed to insist that the Ministry of Energy be retained. Is this simply rudeness, or harshness with contempt for our minds?