| 8 December 2021, Wednesday |

Lebanon will not go hungry.. an experience from Chekka region, if generalized, our tables remain full

How can we scare people with famine, while we live on a land, which soil is one of the most fertile?! Are the stomachs the hungry or the minds, with vast areas left, completely neglected as the will of the people? In the northern area of ​​Chekka, people decided to make out of the area of ​​land near their homes- no matter how small or large- greater than the area of ​​despair in Lebanon. Women and men of Shekka, cultivate lands, ponds, and every inch of this blessed land… May this experience generalize and saturate the stomachs and minds.
The only thing said by this region’s people, “we are not the people of “boxes”, we are the people of the land cultivation and belonging.”
Do not wait for a ration card, or an electoral bribe from anyone. This is a message to the conscience of every Lebanese. Cultivate the land, farm poultry… and Lebanon, will not go hungry.