| 13 July 2024, Saturday |

Would Lebanon’s central bank’s headquarters move to Dahiyeh?

In the midst of the collapses that afflict the banking sector, and the state’s inability to control it.. In the midst of the loss surrounding depositors with regard to their deposits and money, whether looted or preserved.. “Qardh Al-Hasan” of Hezbollah and the Iranian regime in the country is “unscathed and healthy” and is expanding with new branches.

What is new today is the expansion of Al-Qard Al-Hassan Foundation and its recent opening of four new branches, bringing the number of its branches to 31 branches.

The institution is not subject to the Lebanese or international financial system. It takes place outside any supervision, and is not bound by the monetary and credit law.

And today, with this expansion, there is much talk about the attempt of the “Al-Qard Al-Hassan” administration to urge institutions to work with it.. Will the legitimate banks be replaced by the illegal ones? And does this institution affect the work of banks?

With the collapse of banks and the rampant banking and judicial rams, will those concerned allow Lebanon central bank to be located in Dahiyeh?


  • Sawt Beirut International