| 1 March 2024, Friday |

Lebanon’s women are in danger… Why?

Elegance, beauty, and always in fashion… traits Lebanese women are accustomed to. Every “journey” must be preceded by a visit to the beauty salon. Hairdressing, nail trimming, and so on. This was in the past, that is, before the suffocating economic crisis, so how are the women of Lebanon today?

The situation is different… As the Lebanese woman today has to choose between a loaf of bread, dyeing and hairdressing.. Most Lebanese women can no longer afford the cost of going to the stylist even for the necessary things such as cutting and dyeing…

This situation does not apply to everyone… For holders of hard and green currencies, the situation is still good for them, unlike the owners of the middle class. Some of them borrow money to adorn themselves, while others search for the cheapest or resort to self-service.

The Lebanese are known to adapt to everything, so will the “gray-headed” become a fashion in Lebanon?


  • Sawt Beirut International