| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Life imprisonment 5 times for each of Oneissi and Merhi

A new condemnation of Hezbollah by the International Tribunal for Lebanon in the case of the assassination of Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

During a public hearing, the Appeals Chamber sentenced to life imprisonment in the case of the Public Prosecutor against Hassan Habib Merhi and Hussein Hassan Oneissi, which are the most severe penalties stipulated in the Basic Law and the Rules, for each of the five crimes for which they were convicted, and decided that the penalties should be implemented at the same time. same.

Last March, the Appeals Chamber had convicted Merhi and Oneisy, noting that the First Instance Chamber had committed legal errors in the year 2020 when it acquitted the two men because it had not found sufficient evidence at that time.

Immediately after the ruling of the Appeals Chamber against Merhi and Oneissi, Bahaa Hariri issued a statement in which he said:
We renew our full confidence and commitment to what was issued by the International Tribunal for the crime of the assassination of Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

We have known the whole truth, and here we are awaiting the achievement of justice, which must push us as Lebanese to more unite in order to preserve the sovereignty of our country and ensure its stability.

The statement added, “Let every ruling issued by the International Tribunal be an occasion to remember my father, the martyr Rafik Hariri, who was one of the advocates of unity, solidarity and coexistence for the sake of Lebanon, this country in which my father believed as “one united.”

Our demand is the demand of the Lebanese, which was and still is, justice, which will be implemented, because the time of impunity is over.

  • Sawt Beirut International