| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

Liliane Chaito, the sleeping princess in a cruel world!

We’ve all heard of the story of Liliane Chaito, the sleeping princess… Liliane, the mother who was denied the opportunity to meet her young boy because of her husband and his family, after she slipped into a coma after the Beirut Port blast, when she went out to purchase a gift for her husband.

Despite physicians and psychiatrists emphasizing the need of seeing her son to help improve her health, she is still only able to visit him a few times in brief video calls… Neither Liliane’s health nor the Ja’fari court order that granted her the right to see her child, changed something.

Liliane recently recovered consciousness and was able to eat and drink, move her eyes and one of her feet, but she could not communicate. Today, Liliane’s ferocious battle has restarted… to extend her physical treatment. Today, Liliane’s case necessitates her to travel abroad to follow-up with her physical therapy… but she is unable to do so owing to her husband’s abuse… According to a ruling made by the Ja’fari Court, who seizes her passport based on a lawsuit presented by the spouse, “who is not originally from Lebanon,” she is quarantined.

Today, Liliane’s right is a question, and it is not permitted to be a case… It is the prerogative of all Lebanese women, who are fighting endlessly for the sake of their children, while people are, in a cruel world!

  • Sawt Beirut International