| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

March 1st, the date for paying the finance card in foreign currency

More than three months have passed since the launch of the finance card, which was devoted to help the Lebanese citizens overcome the stifling economic and financial crisis they are facing.

Around 500,000 Lebanese families will benefit from the finance card which was supposed to be provided since the beginning of the economic crisis and after lifting subsidies on all commodities, in order to ease burdens on poor families.

Today, the Minister of Social Affairs, Hector Hajjar, revealed that March 1st will be the date for paying the finance card in foreign currency, provided that it will have a retroactive effect on the months of January and February.

But can the Lebanese citizen wait till March, amid the insane increase in the dollar exchange rate?

To shed more light on this topic, the economist Nassib Ghobril joined us.

– In your opinion, will the Lebanese citizen, who has lost confidence in his government, believe today that he will receive this card, three months after its release, and the postponement of its application repeatedly?

– The finance card is a temporary project. What do you think is the next rescue plan?

The Central Inspection is responsible of monitoring the implementation of the card to ensure that it reaches its beneficiaries. Do you think that this is what will actually happen in a country like Lebanon?

The Lebanese will bid a farewell to the year 2021, holding with them like every year, the waste crisis, which lacks sustainable environmental solutions. In this context, a meeting was held in the Economic and Social Council.

The Council considered that the most prominent causes of the environmental crisis are the failure of governance and weak institutions, considering that solving such problems require implementing the law. They stressed that the issue of environmental governance should be given special attention based on the approach followed, the need to update and develop laws and regulations, and build partnerships with other relevant ministries and strictness in Law enforcement.

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