| 30 November 2022, Wednesday |

Maritime borders’ demarcation in the hands of Republic Supreme Leader

Concerns were supposed to focus on heads and members of parliamentary committees’ elections tomorrow, Tuesday, because of the great importance of this democratic election in parliamentary systems, because bills are cooked on a low heat in these committees, before they are presented to the Council’s General Assembly to take its final form.
Attention was also supposed to be focused as of tomorrow evening, that is, immediately after the completion of the election of the committees, on binding parliamentary consultations in preparation for the nomination of a designated prime-minister, and the transition to government formation consultations. However, the Israeli ship, which entered the disputed maritime area with Lebanon, turned priorities and diverted attention towards our southern maritime borders. What Israel has done is very dangerous, if it does not stop, it would expose Lebanon to the loss of part of its marine property and part of its gas wealth, and would ignite a fuse of confrontations between Lebanon and the Israeli enemy.
And here it is necessary to ask the question that Lebanese have in mind. Wasn’t the Lebanese authorities supposed to seriously address the issue of demarcating our southern maritime borders before the incident occurred? Consequently, is it not time to withdraw the decision from the hands of the Supreme Leader of the Republic?