| 1 March 2024, Friday |

Maritime public property… usurped legacy and systematic robbery

The beach is for everyone. The beach is not for the few people who make millions of dollars out of the public domain.
Headlines extracted by NAHNOO organization  after completing a study that reveals all kinds of encroachments, in detail and in numbers, from north to south, on public marine property.

More than six million square meters, the area of marine public occupation in Lebanon, of which more than two million square meters is licensed.

Tenants pay to the state less than one percent of the value of the occupied space.

The annual revenue for occupying marine properties is only about 15 billion Lebanese pounds, while the actual revenues for the value of operating these spaces should be more than one hundred and twenty million dollars.

The liberation of public marine property is linked to the “Stolen Funds Recovery” law. The law is also linked to the Anti-Corruption Commission.
Authority hampered by the power of “political exploits” and “systematic robberies” that continue to this day.


  • Sawt Beirut International