| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Medicines are cut off… and smuggling “blatantly” clear

There is an outage of this medicine… We have not received this medicine yet… This medicine has a high price and is almost equal to a salary… Is there an alternative? A scenario that is repeated daily in pharmacies between the pharmacist and the citizen, who is suffering enough with the disease, and the lack of medicine adds to his suffering.
With the loss of legal medicine, which is supposed to enter Lebanon through licensed agents, and since the country is “loose,” medicine enters our markets through some unlicensed merchants, who lure citizens with their low prices, but their repercussions on health may be serious…
The majority of these medicines have either been transferred in the wrong way, or they are forged, or their expiration date has been manipulated… and they may be fatal, especially with the absence of any reference source, in the event that the incident occurred.
What about the actions taken by the Pharmacists Syndicate?
Thanks to our “noble” state, the Lebanese are ready these days to accept a medicine that can turn into a poison…For death, is more merciful!

  • Sawt Beirut International