| 29 November 2023, Wednesday |

Meet the happiest man in Lebanon

To be happy, a matter that has nothing to do with a broken country, with cut off electricity, with a “circuit breaker keeps tripping”. Happiness is not a matter of a queue from here or a gasoline crisis from there. Happiness is not measured by the exchange rate, nor by the black money changers market. Happiness is a “state of mind”, it is a decision you take, you turn it into a way of life, you draw a smile on the sad face of the world, overwhelm it even if it is against its will, you love it in exchange for its opposition, you write even on the air words of joy unless you know somewhere.

We got to know him not by chance, but by his enthusiastic voice, which repeats motivational expressions during exercise: “The most beautiful country in the world, Lebanon, show me your smiles, life is beautiful.” Hanna Nahal, the happiest man in Lebanon.

Job offers come to him abroad, but he rejects them. Here he is imbued with proteins of joy, graceful body and self-esteem.
Hanna does not only train sports, but is an expert in exercising positivity muscles, sculpting bodies and the will to live together.
The most beautiful country in the world, Lebanon, is a motto during the exercise of the body, as well as a motto for steadfastness.


  • Sawt Beirut International