| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

Migrant boat kills citizens decided to seek a better life

In front of the port of Tripoli, the families waited for news about their missing children at the bottom of the sea, as they watched the ambulances entering the port, fearing that their sons might take out the bodies.

Until the ambulances came out loaded with the bodies of the victims and headed to Tripoli Governmental Hospital, and there was the tragedy.

As for the details of the accident, the boat was loaded with ten times its cargo, and those on board did not have a life jacket.

When they were intercepted by a Lebanese army boat, the captain of the boat maneuvers to escape from the patrol until the two boats collided, and what happened happened.
As for one of the survivors, he tells Sawt Beirut International the details of the accident since the boat was launched from the Qalamoun area until the disaster.
The people of the Tripoli region, who were left to their fate, and despite the tragedy that occurred, confirmed their readiness to flee at sea at the first opportunity.

Accusing the army of deliberately intercepting and sinking the boat, the Commander of the Lebanese Army’s Naval Forces, Colonel Haitham Dannawi, responded in a press conference held at Beirut Naval Base, where Dannawi confirmed that the boat sank due to overloading, noting that without the presence of the army personnel near it, the number of casualties would have been greater.

As it is not the first death journey, and unfortunately it will not be the last, and instead of declaring official mourning on Monday for the souls of the victims, they saved these souls and secured their livelihood. Otherwise, the death boats will be hundreds, and the bodies of the citizens will cover the Lebanese coast from north to south.



  • Sawt Beirut International