| 4 October 2022, Tuesday |

Mikati, Aoun broke their vows!

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati conveyed to 7,000 contractors and day laborers that President Michel Aoun will not sign the decree required for renewing their contracts and enabling the Ministry of Finance to disburse their salaries.

Based on Mikati’s promise Aoun was supposed to sign this decree, but he retracted the agreement after the recent dispute with President Nabih Berri.

Aoun alleges that this government is in place and not a caretaker government in order to be compensated by decree, and thus 2,750 contractors in public administrations will not receive their salaries, in addition to 816 daily laborers affiliated with the Civil Service Council in public institutions, 495 contractors and 93 daily laborers in municipalities affiliated with the Civil Service.

After all of the above, these people will not be able to receive their salaries at the end of the month because the contracts were not renewed, and therefore they paid the cost of the political dispute between Baabda and Ain El-Tineh. The street will be the verdict in the coming days.

  • Sawt Beirut International