| 3 December 2021, Friday |

Mikati’s government is wavering between storms and crises

The Lebanese have waited for the latest government for more than a year, hoping that it will inject reforms and that the specialized ministers will provide key solutions to overcome this unprecedented crisis and revive the country.

It is Mikati’s government, which Hezbollah and its allies have never stopped since its inception, to plunge it into additional storms and crises. This government has been to date unable to record any achievement or reform that would lead to a change in terms of upgrading its institutions and combating corruption.

Many files threaten its fate, the most prominent of which are two, the Shiite duos’ refusal to attend any ministerial session that does not include a solution to dismiss the Judicial Investigator in the Beirut port blast crime, Judge Tarek Bitar, ignoring cries to save it financially, economically and socially. The second was the statements of the new official spokesman for Hezbollah in the government, Information Minister George Kordahi, whose positions defies all efforts to heal the rift that affected Lebanon’s relations with the Gulf states and the sharp division regarding Kordahi’s resignation or his stay.

So, we can say today that this government is far from being able to solve a single file related to reform, as its role has become similar to conducting business with a slight expansion. Its steadfastness is related to implementing the parliamentary elections expected in March 2022 and standing in the face of the difficulties that may arise, especially if Lebanon’s internal enemies seek to undermine it and thwart the elections for fear of its results.