| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Mikati’s pathway to Saudi Arabia is lengthy, complicated

The Mikati government’s pathway to Saudi Arabia and Gulf states appears to be blocked for the time being.

According to sources acquainted with the Saudi position, there will be no cooperation between the new government and the issue will be closed until further notice. Instead, there is widespread Saudi displeasure with President Najib Mikati’s handling of the Lebanese-Saudi relationship thus far. As soon as his government was created, it appeared that the content of what he said about Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states was insufficient to bring the ties back on track. It is well understood that a political approach to the relationship with Saudi Arabia is essential, rather than a purely financial strategy. The Saudis, who are confident in Hezbollah’s control of the Lebanese decision, are expected to witness a stance in this regard, particularly in terms of Hezbollah’s interference in Yemen, provided that they perceive a consistent stance from the Prime Minister regarding Hezbollah’s intervention outside Lebanon, not to mention the Captagon issue, border control, and smuggling operations.

Mikati has stated that he will not travel to any Arab country before visiting Saudi Arabia. He is relying on French President Emmanuel Macron, who promised him that he would resume efforts with Saudi Arabia to give Mikati and his government a chance, despite the fact that this government has no political background, is short-lived, and its mission is limited to addressing the economic and financial crisis and preparing for parliamentary elections. Sources also concluded that Macron is banking on Egypt’s help to urge Saudi Arabia to save Lebanon.

  • Sawt Beirut International