| 27 September 2022, Tuesday |

Millions of dollars buried under Bisri’s pipelines that destroyed Choueifat road

The struggle of driving according to Ayman is greater than the difficulty of carrying out the tasks of the municipality.

Driving on the international road in Choueifat is like an adventure or driving in an amusement park.

The damages affected all the road’s directions, which is considered a vital point between the north and the south, and the link between the mountain and Beirut, as well as between the suburb and the south.

According to Choueifat Mayor, damages were due to the work conducted by Khattab and Homan Group, after placing the huge water pipes to bring water underground from Bisri project.

The project, which did not see the light, did not bring water to the region, and its damages caused dozens of traffic accidents.

The Council for Development and Reconstruction visited the area, gave the residents a lot of promises and went without taking any action. Five Ministers of Works were appointed, but none of them started to repair it.

The latest minister told Sawt Beirut International that he will put his efforts to solve this problem, asking us not to be optimistic about the funds.

  • Sawt Beirut International