| 6 July 2022, Wednesday |

Mufti Qabalan and windmills!!

The excellent Jaafari Mufti Ahmed Qabalan specializes in defying others and provoking sensitivities of all kinds. Every time a man writes or speaks, he unleashes a storm of extremist positions that do not meet either the composition of Lebanon or the existing balances in it.

In the first figure, Sheikh Qabalan speaks in a self-praise manner beyond superiority. He advises, directs, outlines paths and charts directions. On the other hand, he warns, alerts, knocks and threatens as if he is the actual president of the Lebanese Republic, or as if he is the supreme guide of the republic and the guardian of the jurist in it. The Sheikh’s latest exploits, a statement distributed today to the media, in which he responds with one letter: Our settled choice for Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, and a point on the line.

According to our information, Qabalan did not elect a deputy in the elections that took place a week ago, and therefore who is he speaking in the name of when he writes in the first person? Therefore, is there someone who gave him the doors of Parliament without us knowing?

Qabalan was not satisfied with this, but considered that there is no choice but the option of the national unity government, advising some not to play with fire because enough is enough. It really is a riddle statement. Because who is this some that Qabalan threatens? Agent from a rash: Is his agent personally? Or is it the Amal movement, or is it the Shiite duo?

Perhaps Qabalan should answer these questions before he continues his series of sermons and writings, because people are tired of his provocative words, as much as they are of his illusory heroism, as he is in a constant state of war even against… windmills!!

  • Sawt Beirut International