| 26 November 2022, Saturday |

National Council of Prices … Will it curb markets’ chaos ?

The burdens of changing prices have become heavier on the shoulders of small merchants than the load of their goods, and the task of setting prices becomes more difficult than selling goods.
Trader Fadi, turned into a customer in front of the long big traders’ list.
He bought the goods at the rate of 30 thousand pounds per dollar.
Minister of Economy in the caretaker government took the initiative to revive the activity of The National Council for Price Policy. A council whose structure and mechanism of founding the economic bodies, were excavated from the archives of the seventies. Its heterogeneous members met and came up with a conclusion that does not go beyond promises.
In the world separated from the world of the state, the Lebanese consumer goes on with his life;
His priority is to provide for his daily needs without paying attention to the rumors of an authority from which he has never witnessed any significant action.
Citizens, in the opinion of many economic experts, do not need more committees or bodies, but rather an enforcement authority, that puts a disciplinary end to the perpetrators.

  • Sawt Beirut International