| 28 November 2022, Monday |

Nawfal Daou calls for liberation of Lebanon

The presence of American mediator Amos Hochstein, as well as the contentious issue of maritime border delineation, both contributed to the delay in determining the date of binding parliamentary deliberations to appoint a new president to form the future administration. In this respect, well-informed sources reiterated Mikati’s rejection of any preconditions before to the assignment, and that he would not pre-empt parliamentary deliberations and their outcomes with any stance linked to the formation of the future government and its members.

However, he believes that the responsibility of the next government, regardless of who the president is assigned to create, will be to follow up on what his cabinet started and completed in terms of the recovery plan and financial and economic reform measures.

According to the political and parliamentary sources, Mikati is the only credible contender for the next cabinet, because no party or bloc has yet nominated another figure, and some names are being circulated in the media, as is normal in such an event.

Nawfal Daou, the coordinator of the Rally for Sovereignty, joined us for more information.

  • Sawt Beirut International